Agilent Supports Cancer Research through Latest Thought Leader Award

Dr. Emmanuel Barillot of the Institut Curie — the largest cancer research center in France — has received an Agilent Thought Leader Award in recognition of his pioneering work in the creation of user-friendly Web-based bioinformatics tools.

The award will accelerate further development of the institute’s Atlas of Cancer Signaling Networks and its NaviCell visualization tool.  Together with Agilent’s GeneSpring software and NMR technologies, these tools will enable researchers to identify off-pathway effects that could lead to undesirable outcomes such as DNA damage.

Agilent Thought Leader Awards recognize leading researchers in the areas of synthetic biology, structural biology, systems toxicology, integrated biology, the individual “omics” and food safety. The awards promote fundamental advances by contributing financial support, measurement solutions and expertise to the recipient’s research.

Dr. Emmanuel Barillot

Dr. Emmanuel Barillot

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Agilent Technologies Thought Leader Award Supports Institut Curie, Dr. Emmanuel Barillot’s Web-Based Tools for Cancer and Drug-Safety Research

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