Agilent Explores Sphere of the Exposome


The emerging science of exposomics hopes to provide the missing pieces that will help uncover the causes of many diseases.  While the role of genetics in disease is well documented, recent studies suggest that gene expression and function may be modulated by environmental factors and lifestyle choices.

The goal of exposomics is to combine data about genetic variations and environmental exposures to present a holistic picture. The tools used for this are those currently found in “omics” technologies which were used to measure and map the human genome.

Agilent is exploring the exposome or the sum of all environmental exposures over the course of one’s lifetime as they impact human health and establishing collaborations with researchers in this exciting new field.

One of the most enthusiastic proponents is Dr. Anthony Macherone, a senior applications chemist for Agilent’s Chemical Analysis Group, who has been championing exposomics both inside and outside the company. “Exposomics is exploding right now,” he says.  “Within a few years this area will be as commonplace as metabolomics.  Six or seven years ago metabolomics was a fringe science. Now it’s one of the key tools used in research labs. Exposomics will become that.”

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