Agilent Goes Far in Pharma

As more and more medications and vitamins enter the marketplace, drug quality and control have become increasingly important.

In every segment of the pharmaceutical industry—disease research, drug discovery, drug development, manufacturing and quality control—Agilent provides precise answers. Answers that help ensure the safety and efficacy of the medicines we take.

Customers depend on Agilent to help them test the purity of their therapeutics, but it goes way beyond that. Agilent is ranked No. 1 in compliance services, meaning customers call on Agilent to make sure their instruments—and their technicians—perform to the highest standards.

Agilent has one of the broadest product portfolios of any company serving the pharmaceutical market, selling gas and liquid chromatographs, mass spectrometers, nuclear magnetic resonance systems and microarrays, not to mention software and services.


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