Agilent to Support Research in Biologics

Agilent intends to work with the Glyco-MEV laboratory at the University of Rouen, in France, and the Bioprocessing Technology Institute, in Singapore, to develop tools to effectively analyze biologics and vaccines.

The three organizations recently signed a memorandum of understanding to work together.

Biologics — molecules such as antibodies and other protein-based therapeutics — are used in combination with vaccines to prevent or treat a variety of serious medical conditions that include cancers, immune disorders and infectious diseases that affect millions of people annually.

The institute in Singapore is currently working to develop methods of producing and analyzing biologics in animal cells. The laboratory in France specializes in the production of biologics in plant cells.

The collaboration, incorporating the Agilent HPLC-Chip/MS system and supported by Agilent’s technological expertise, aims to develop new methodologies that are particularly adapted to the analysis of biopharmaceuticals.

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Agilent Technologies, University of Rouen and A*STAR’s Bioprocessing Technology Institute to Further Innovation in Biopharmaceuticals and Glycomics