Agilent Supports Research in Prostate Cancer

Agilent has presented its fifth annual Agilent Early Career Professor Award to Dr. Jindan Yu, who has discovered several biomarkers associated with prostate cancer.  Yu, who hopes to develop novel prognostic/diagnostic tools and treatment strategies for prostate cancer, will direct $100,000 in unrestricted research funding from Agilent.

An assistant professor of medicine at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, Yu is using genomics and bioinformatics to better understand the progression of prostate cancer.

This year’s award focused on cancer diagnostics, a field of increasing importance to Agilent, since it acquired Dako, a worldwide provider of cancer diagnostics, in June.

The Agilent Early Career Professor Award, encouraging excellence in measurement research, seeks to establish strong collaborative relationships between Agilent researchers and leading professors early in their careers.

Dr. Jindan Yu receives Agilent award

Dr. Jindan Yu receives Agilent award







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