Agilent Enables Biologists to “See” DNA and RNA inside Single Cells

Researchers now have the ability to visualize segments of DNA on a chromosome or RNA in individual cells at high resolution, as a result of Agilent innovations. After obtaining sequencing data on all six billion letters in an individual’s DNA from many cells, biologists can see placement of various segments of that person’s DNA in a single cell with unprecedented precision.

Agilent Labs scientists advanced a technique called oFISH, which exposes chromosomes or cells to a pool of oligonucleotides that have fluorescent molecules attached to them. These fluorescently decorated probes bind to the complementary strands of DNA or RNA wherever they reside in a person’s cells, providing a way for researchers to see its location.

Visualizing and mapping genetic material in an individual cell are important for understanding a variety of chromosomal abnormalities and other genetic mutations.

Agilent SureFISH probes mark chromosome location

Agilent SureFISH probes mark
chromosome location








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Agilent Innovations Enable Biologists to “See” DNA and RNA Inside Single Cells