Agilent’s OMA receives “Most Influential” award

China Communications Weekly, a key publication covering the communications industry,has awarded Agilent’s Optical Modulation Analyzer (OMA) the Editor’s Choice for “Most Influential 40/100G T&M solution.” 

Agilent released the world’s first OMA in 2009, utilizing technology found across the company’s electronic measurement businesses. The OMA is based on an optical coherent receiver, which can perform comprehensive measurements for complex modulated signals, and is combined with signal analysis capabilities, optical testing expertise and strong position in high-speed data acquisition.

“Agilent, as the leader in the coherent optical communication industry, keeps providing the best T&M solutions for this arena, helping accelerate the deployment of 40/100G commercial networks,” stated the publication’s editors, who added “it is worth mentioning that the solution is future-ready for 400G and 1Tb systems.”



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