Girls “Celebrate Awesome” at Agilent Japan Site

Agilent’s Hachioji site recently hosted 27 senior and junior high school girls on Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.  This year’s program, themed “celebrate awesome”, was focused on chromatography technologies.

The students got to act as “researchers” by analyzing ingredients of orange juice with an Agilent gas chromatography system, and learned to distinguish the difference between regular and decaffeinated coffee using an Agilent liquid chromatography system.

With Agilent volunteers in attendance, the girls also had the opportunity to participate in a panel session where they learned about women employees’ technical backgrounds, education, special interests and job opportunities for engineering majors.

Agilent, a sponsor of EWEEK (Engineers Week) for the past 10 years, has globally promoted “Girl Day” which is one of many programs within the EWEEK program.

For more information go to:

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