Dako Introduces New Antibody in US to Help Diagnose Breast Cancer

Dako has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to sell a recently developed antibody in the United States. The antibody — FLEX Monoclonal Rabbit Anti-Human Estrogen Receptor α, Clone EP1 — is an aid to identifying breast cancer and has already received widespread acceptance in Europe.

This important new diagnostic tool will help to ensure that breast cancer patients are receiving the most effective treatment for their particular type of breast cancer.

Clone EP1 was created by Epitomics Inc., using Epitomics’ proprietary rabbit monoclonal antibody technology. Dako and Epitomics entered into a collaboration in 2011 that allows the companies to combine competencies to provide the anatomic pathology market with state-of-the-art antibodies. 

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Dako to Offer New Antibody in U.S. to Diagnose Breast Cancer