Agilent Australia Rolls out a Lab in a Box

Agilent Australia recently unveiled a new mobile calibration laboratory, designed specifically for the Australian environment: compact enough for use in large cities, robust enough to endure the rigors of the outback, and able to calibrate extremely precise electronic test equipment, up to 50 GHz.

The new design is based on a 20-foot shipping container, expanding for use and contracting for transport.

The center section of the mobile laboratory slides out to increase the available workspace by 80 percent. When it’s time to bring the lab to another customer, the center slides back in, locking in place for safe transport.

The lab is the third generation of mobile facilities developed in Australia and underscores Agilent’s investment in its Australian business and its commitment to innovation.

The lab is ready for transport...and expands for use

The lab is ready for transport…and expands for use