Agilent plays major role in China’s First EDI CON Conference

Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Group recently played a pivotal role in China’s inaugural EDI CON 2013 conference, attended by more than 1,100 delegates from China representing local companies, multinational companies, research institutes, and university research centers.

As a leading player and partner in the development of China’s electronics industry, Agilent was up front and center at the three-day conference where EMG president, Guy Séné gave the keynote speech.

“China has undergone great change in the last decade and now stands as the world’s second largest economy. Continuing this growth will require more change and the transition from ‘made in China’ to ‘designed in China’ will bring innovation in a broad range of markets,” Séné said. “Design innovation in particular, will be critical to China’s ongoing industrial and economic development.”

China is considered one of Agilent’s emerging markets because of its strong, long-term growth rate.

EMG president Guy Séné gives keynote speech

EMG president Guy Séné gives keynote speech







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