Agilent CEO Addresses Engineering Community at UC Berkeley

Bill Sullivan, Agilent’s CEO, talked to the UC Berkeley engineering community about “Why the Century of Biology Is Great for Engineering “as the guest speaker at the School of Engineering’s second annual Ernest S. Kuh Distinguished Lecture Series.

Scientific progress, Sullivan said, is linked to new measurement tools, with each wave of innovation enabled by its predecessors.  Agilent’s deep engineering roots dating back to Hewlett-Packard have been critical to developing products and solutions in the biology-based areas such as healthcare, energy and the environment.  As an example, Sullivan explained that the same inkjet technology that enables consumers to print documents on paper also enables Agilent to print high-density synthetic DNA on microarray slides.

Sullivan went on to discuss Agilent’s leadership role in a broad range of technologies — from mass spectrometry to DNA microarrays — and the role that engineering has played in product development and innovation for his company.

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