Agilent Webinars Shed Light on Food Screening and Analysis

Agilent is set to host a series of four online educational programs on food safety and quality with industry experts who will share important data from recent studies using Agilent’s LC and LC/MS technologies for food screening and analysis.

The webinars, beginning on March 12 with a session on adulteration of extra virgin olive oil, will cover a range of topics that include profiling/origin identification of olive oils, metabolic studies in marine biotoxins in shellfish, screening for veterinary drugs, and profiling trace metals in wine.

“Today, global food and agriculture industries face increasing demands for faster, more sensitive analytical testing solutions for food authenticity, quality and safety,” said John Lee, Agilent’s food market manager. “This webinar series will feature industry experts who are currently using our food testing and analysis technologies in a variety of important applications, and we invite all those who are interested in learning more to attend.”

For more information on the webinar series and Agilent solutions go to:

Food Authenticity, Quality and Profiling Solutions