Agilent “Thought Leader” Awarded Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences

David Botstein, a renowned geneticist and systems biology leader, was one of 11 inaugural winners of the Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences who will receive $3 million each for their groundbreaking research in the life sciences. Dr. Botstein was recognized for his work on linkage mapping of Mendelian disease in humans using DNA polymorphisms.

Dr. Botstein, director of the Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics and the Center for Quantitative Biology at Princeton University, received an Agilent Thought Leader Award in 2010, expanding the collaborative research between Agilent and the Center for Quantitative Biology.

The Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences Foundation was founded by a small group of Silicon Valley icons including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google co-founder Sergey Brin, to recognize excellence in research aimed at finding cures for intractable diseases and extending human life.

Agilent’s Thought Leader Program was created to promote fundamental advances in the life sciences by contributing financial support, products and measurement expertise to the research of pioneering thought leaders.

“Dr. Botstein and his distinguished colleagues at the Princeton Center for Quantitative Biology are building on Dr. Botstein’s recognized contributions to genetics to advance understanding of systems biology and drive improvements in proteomics, metabolomics, and bioinformatics,” said Jack Wenstrand, Agilent’s director of University Relations and External Research.  “We congratulate him on this further recognition of his remarkable contributions.”


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