Agilent’s New Conservation Module Provides Customers Relief from Global Helium Shortage

Helium may be the second most abundant element in the universe, but it’s hard to obtain these days. The U.S. supplies 75 percent of the world helium market and its “strategic reserve” of helium is rapidly dwindling, with all but 2,900 tons of the gas scheduled to be sold by 2015.

While Helium may be best known for its commercial uses such as Mylar balloons, it is also an integral component of equipment used by scientists and physicists in labs throughout the world.

Helium has long been the carrier gas of choice for GC and GC/MS chromatographic analyses. Disruption of the helium supply increases risk for laboratories that depend on these techniques for daily business operations, while changing to an alternate carrier increases operating  costs and reduces productivity.

To help its customers avoid these issues, Agilent has introduced a Programmable Helium Conservations Module for use with the Model 7890B GC system. The new module ensures seamless integration, greater performance and reliability, and business continuity by extending the life of standard helium tanks up to 30 times longer.


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