Dako Partners with Pfizer on Companion Diagnostics Efforts

Dako, part of Agilent’s Diagnostics and Genomics Group, has entered into a collaboration agreement with Pfizer in the field of companion diagnostics. The partnership will result in a range of collaboration projects including research, development and commercialization, as well as advisory services.

Companion diagnostics, key elements of an emerging trend to enable personalized healthcare, are viewed as the cornerstones of precision medicine. They provide a way to improve patient care and reduce health-care costs by matching specific therapies to the individuals most likely to benefit from them, since all patients do not respond in the same way.

Dako’s growing role in companion diagnostics is underscored by its recent partnership agreement with Eli Lilly for the development of companion diagnostic tests to identify patients who may be more likely to benefit from an investigational oncology medicine currently under development by Lilly.


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