Agilent Named to Booz and Co.’s 2012 Innovators List

Global management consultant Booz and Co. has featured Agilent in its recently released 2012 report on “The Global Innovation 1000.” The report, published annually in Booz’s management magazine, strategy+business, identifies 1,000 companies that spend the most on research and development, examines their innovation practices, and provides insights into the results and implications of these approaches.

The current report, “Making Ideas Work,” explores early stages of innovation.  Successful companies, it maintains, clarify processes to navigate early stages of innovation, even though these initial explorations are quite challenging.

Darlene Solomon, Agilent senior VP and chief technology officer, who is quoted in the article, says, “In managing the research portfolio that is in the labs’ funnel, we constantly ask ourselves, ‘What have we learned about the technology that makes it more or less attractive than [it was] six months ago? What have we learned about the market, the competitive technologies – and what’s going on in the world that might help us decide whether the technology is now even more valuable or perhaps becoming a “me-too” technology?”


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