HaloPlex: HaloPlex Exome Hybridization

SureCall: Finding Copy Number Changes

Free chromatography training for all university staff & students

Introduction to Ion-exchange chromatography

1290 Infinity Diode Array Detector

7890B GC Quality Test

SurePrint: SurePrint Microarray Loading

SureCall: Configuring a Custom NGS Report Template

SureCall: Running a OneSeq Analysis and Viewing Results

SureCall: Downloading a Design

SureCall: Reviewing Sample Results

SureSelect: Agilent SureSelect QXT Capture and Wash

SureSelect: Agilent SureSelect QXT Library Prep Workflow

SureSelect: Overview of Agilent SureSelect QXT Library Prep and Target Enrichment System

OneSeq: 3D Animation (with subtitles)

3D Animation Technical Video

Demand Precision: Because finding the right answer is everything

Agilent Intuvo GC System Story - Bad Monday - Day 3

Environmental Inorganic Speciation Analysis Testimonial

Persistent Environmental Pollutants and Emerging Contaminants Testimonial

Water sustainability and treatment: Identifying water contaminants

Vogon Labs Environmental Testimonial

Agilent MassHunter Software: SureTarget

LC/TQ Integration with Skyline and MassHunter’s Study Manager

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